Posted 10 April, 2023

Yes! We are just as stoked as you are! At Cycle Lab we are honoured to play a part in getting young Mountain bikers riding in a safe and fun environment. We are all about making friends and helping them cycling more often with safety and enjoyment.

It is with great excitement that we declare that the 2023 season is upon us and here are the dates:

  • 11 May Captain’s armband evening – Cycle Lab Lynnwood
  • 27 May – Steyn City
  • 22 July – Curro Serengeti
  • 12 Aug – John Voster
  • 26 Aug – PTA Boys High
  • 23 Sept - Prime View
  • 30 Sept and 1 Oct Cycle Lab Nationals- Wagpos

Cycle Lab will give each competitor R200 Cycle Lab Voucher in return for their entry. These vouchers can be found on MyCycleLife under the vouchers tab. They are valid for 2 months. Keep an eye on communication for the entry links. See you all on the start line!